Beautiful Hand-made Baby Products and Accessories

I love adorable hand-made baby products! Although our youngest is 4, I still find myself looking at all the cute products! I think to myself “I wish I had a nursing cover that pretty” or “I would have loved that bow when our daughter had no hair.” Ha!

Baby Munchkin Boutique

Baby Munchkin boutique offers a variety of absolutely adorable hand-made baby products and accessories. They make and sell items such as: headbands, hairclips, bowties, carseat covers, wipes cases, blankets, and so much more! I couldn’t stop looking at all the cuteness!

When I was contacted for a review, I was excited to discover they also offer accessories that work well for older children, too! I received an adorable headband and hair clip for our daughter and a sleek tie for our youngest son. What I thought was really neat, though, is they also included a few LEGO packs for our oldest son, so he wouldn’t feel left out! She mentioned they keep these packs on hand for older children at events. What a great idea!

Baby Munchkin Boutique Review

So the first thing I noticed is the hair clip and tie match! I was so excited trying to put together ideas in my head for coordinating outfits. Unfortunately, though, we moved recently, and everything is still in disarray, and I have yet to completely unpack all of our clothes. Believe me, though, when I do, I will go about my outfit coordination idea and share pictures on Instagram! :)

What I love about the hair accessories is the ease of use. They are SO cute and so easy to use, my daughter can put them on herself. The clip is an alligator clip, which is both mine and our daughter’s favorite type. She has thin, wavy hair, and getting clips to stay can be a challenge. With an alligator clip, it is easy for her to use herself, and it stays in place nicely! The headband is a basic headband with an adorable, girly touch! Girly and cute? They are just what she loves!

What surprised me most is how much our 4 year old loves his silk tie. I couldn’t wait for him to try it on, but I was afraid it would take quite a bit of coaxing because he gets all huffy just about getting dressed each day! Well, he has pretty much not taken it off (except at night when I ask him to), so yes, that means he’s wearing it with everything! Silk blue tie and red monster t-shirt? Why not?

Baby Munchkin Boutique Silk Tie

I actually like to give our kids creative freedom when choosing their clothes – within reason, of course! I have loved seeing him wear his blue silk tie with, well, everything!

The quality of the Baby Munchkin Boutique products is wonderful. The materials they use are lovely and sturdy as well. I don’t feel like I have to stress out about Chaz wearing his tie all the time because I’m not afraid it will fall apart.

They offer such a variety of great products that would make great gifts for young children, babies – and moms, so be sure to check them out!

For More Information:

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  1. This is very nice homemadfe items. Thats what my grandkids do is make things like this for christmas

  2. Debbie Bray says:

    I like that their products are sturdy and made out of durable materials

  3. So cute! These would look adorable on my little siblings!
    Jasmine P recently posted…Fashion FridayMy Profile

  4. I really enjoyed your Terrific Review on Beautiful Hand-Made Baby Products and Accessories! I love that tie! I can tell that your son does as well! It’s terrific that he really wants to wear it! Also, the hair clip and hairband are great as well! Hand-made products are always nice! They also make terrific gifts as well. Thanks for the information on these products and the great picture of your son! He looks so darn cute in his red t-shirt and light blue tie!!! I really do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele :)
    Michele Ash recently posted…Festive Fit Gift Pack Giveaway (ends 12/8)My Profile

  5. Sarah Oswald says:

    I love that these are all handmade when everything in the world today is mass produced and doesnt last as long asI always give handmade gifts fiit could. I think handmade gifts are better to give so thats why I always give homemade gifts instead of buying them.

  6. I am not a huge fan of handmade baby products, but I want to give it a try. They really look great and super cute. I’m pretty much sure my little prince and princess will love to have this.
    Shannon J. Perkins recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  7. Awesome! I got an idea now on what to buy as a baby gift for my niece. Thanks for this.

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