October Eco Emi Box

Can you believe October has already come and gone?? Where did it go? It’s always one of my favorite months because that’s when everything pumpkin starts to appear, and I love pumpkin! Because I also like receiving Eco Emi boxes, I was excited to discover the October box had a pumpkin theme!

October Eco Emi Box

Eco Emi never ceases to amaze me by the variety of products in the boxes, and this box had some amazing treats! You can see all of the Eco Emi eco-friendly subscription boxes I have shared to get an idea of the variety of goodies available!

Are you new to hearing about Eco Emi? Eco Emi is an eco-friendly monthly subscription box. They offer a great opportunity to try new eco-friendly, all natural, vegetarian, animal conscious, free-trade products. Sometimes I get to try products I wouldn’t have otherwise tried or I get to enjoy some of my favorites! Once in a while there will be full-size products as well, which is the case with the October box! Even most sample sizes are generous and give a good feel for the product.

October Eco Emi Box

As an eco-conscious consumer I have tried A LOT of eco-friendly products. Yet it never ceases to amaze me how much is out there that I’ve never tried or never even heard of! This is the first Eco Emi box I received where absolutely everything was new to me! I have quite enjoyed receiving a few of my favorite products, but it was also neat to receive a box full of products I’ve never tried!

I think I’ve made it pretty obvious I love edible treats, and this box definitely had some! It even had *gasp* chocolate! You might guess what I tried first. 😉

Here were my favorites from the October 2014 Box:

Eco Emi Chocolate Bar

Of course I have to share the Organic Melk Chocolate Bar by Sjaaks first. Organic chocolate. Need I say more? Seriously, though, it was absolutely delicious. It was a chocolate bar divided in breakable squares, which I always find nice so I’m not tempted to eat it all at once! 😉

Eco Emi Energy Mist

It’s no secret I love essential oils, and it wasn’t too long ago that I really was thinking how nice it would be to have a spray with essential oils, so how pleasantly surprised I was to discover the “Intuition” Energy Mist by Balanced Guru! It contains an organic blend including essential oils to help nourish our memory. It smells wonderful, and it contains some of my favorite oils for soothing and focus.

Eco Emi Soy Joy

I’m often slightly cautious when it comes to soy, so I was excited to see SoyJoy is baked with all-natural fruit pieces and ground whole non-GMO soybeans. They have no trans fats, hydrogenated oils, preservatives, chemical additives, or artificial colors and flavors – just the good stuff! And was it good! I am so glad it included coupons because I am *definitely* picking up some more of these!

Those were a few of my favorites, though I enjoyed most of the products. Here are the other great products that were included:

  • Sea Salt Roasted Chick Peas by The Good Bean. I admit I wasn’t a fan of these because I don’t really like chick peas (weird, I know!), but my husband LOVED them! Did I mention I love sharing the goodies with my family? :)
  • Bottle Bright by Clean Ethics – a safe way to clean bottles!
  • Microfoliant Mask by Dancin’ Goat.
  • Nail Polish by Authority Cosmetics – Full Size!
  • Hand Cream by Deep Steep – Full Size!

The Mist is full size, too, which makes THREE full size products in this box! Amazing!


Check Out the October Box

Do you want to know more about Eco Emi and about all the products in the October 2014 Eco Emi Box? Be sure to visit the page for the Eco Emi October 2014 Box. It has direct links for all of the products so you can check them out!

Eco Emi has been sharing some great fall recipes with a hint of pumpkin! Do you have a great recipe to share? Share it with #EEPumpkinPerfection!

For More Information:

Visit the Eco Emi Website
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Would you like to win an Eco Emi eco-friendly subscription box? This giveaway will run through 11/26/14 at 10pm Central Time and is open to US residents ages 18+. Enter the giveaway now!



  1. Debbie Bray says:

    I give back by recycling

  2. I got the “Intuition” Energy Mist before and I love it! I think it really does make you feel more energetic.
    Sandra Watts recently posted…iHeartRadio Coca-Cola wants to send you to Jingle Ball in NYC or LA! | ContestsMy Profile

  3. Ruth Griffeth

    I would love to try the nail polish! I love the idea of 7 free. I hope I get a chance to try it@

  4. Thanks for the Terrific Review of the October Eco Emi Box! I happened upon seeing what was in the box before I actually came here. I wasn’t too thrilled about the chic peas myself, I don’t like them either! I did, however, see the full size hand cream, the nail polish (not my color), the chocolate bar (caught my eye first LOL), etc. Things are just now starting to get back onto a regular schedule with my hubby and his working again. However, as we knew it would, all the hospital, doctor, etc. bills are coming in the mail! We are trying to “catch up” on our regular bills and as much as I would love to subscribe to get some of these boxes, I still can’t quite afford it! I am in the giveaway though! I’m glad that you were happy with the October box and that you got to try some new things! Thanks again for the terrific review and explaining some of your favorite products! I truly do appreciate it! Thanks again, Michele :)
    Michele Ash recently posted…Blogger Opp – Winning MovesMy Profile

  5. What an awesome box! I love that it includes full-size products – like the Microfoliant Mask, which I’d love to try – and food items, as well!

  6. Susan Broughton says:

    There are some really nice items in the box. I would really like to try the Microfoliant mask out.

  7. I really do like Eco-Emi’s boxes. They have a lot of healthy products in them. Great review!

  8. What a great subscription box!
    Jasmine P recently posted…Fashion FridayMy Profile

  9. I like learning about new products this way. Fun and easy on the wallet.

  10. laura rubenstein says:

    CHOCOLATE! Need I say more LOL All these products are great!

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