Personalized Tie Dye Tank Top

I love personalized products for our children and myself. Because we all have names that are uncommon (or an uncommon spelling like mine), finding products that just have our names is basically impossible. So I have to either make them myself or find someone who makes nice products that offers personalization!

My Denim and Lace Personalized Tie Dye Tank Top

Disclosure: I received a personalized tie dye tank top to facilitate my review. Regardless, all opinions are my own.

I was excited to see the fun clothes offered by My Denim and Lace because they are so unique! Not only do they offer Rhinestone Lettering for personalization but the way in which the clothes are made is fun and unique as well! Some of what they offer are tie dye tank tops for women that use a wax resist technique with non fading dyes. I had a chance to review one of these tank tops.

I chose to have it personalized with our daughter’s name in hopes that I would be able to use it as a dress for her as she is six, but it is really what she wanted. I haven’t had a chance to get any pictures on her, but I will share them when I do! She loves that it has her name. With a name like “Aurora,” it’s definitely not easy to find – with the exception of things that have the princess, of course. She loves the rhinestones! I do, too! They look nice!

My Denim and Lace Rhinestone Personalization

I did notice some wax residue, but it cleaned off easily. I love how the tie dye it gave it a uniqueness. Even the difference between the front and back is remarkable, and it really gives it a unique look. The colors on the back really pop.

My Denim and Lace Tie Dye Tank Top

My Denim and Lace offers styles that are personal and fun! To expand the line of clothes My Denim and Lace offers they are currently running a crowd funding campaign on small knot. Support their campaign and receive various rewards! Plus, My Denim and Lace will be donating 15% of the what they raise and donating it to K.I.D.S./Fashion Delivers which is a not for profit based in New York who assists children and adults by the donation of apparel, school supplies and other items to help those in need. Visit their Small Knot campaign now!

My Denim and Lace Crowd Funding Campaign

For More Information:

Visit the My Denim and Lace Website
Visit their Small Knot Crowd Funding Campaign
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  1. Debbie Bray says:

    I like that they use non-fading dyes

  2. There are so many cute, unique items of clothing at My Denim and Lace! I love the Rhinestone Lettering for personalization

  3. This is so cute, and non fading die is great!! I love tie die and i love rhinstones, and my name is spelt different and I love personalation so what a great product.

  4. Jennifer Heintz

    Tie Dyes are sooo great. I love the idea of the personalization with Rhinestones. Denim and Lace is making personalized High quality products. Thanks for the review.

  5. Gale McCarron

    Love that they use a wax resist technique to help from fading. Personalizing it adds a nice flair.

  6. Brenda Leon

    I love tie dye shirts! I guess because being a child in the 60’s and 70’s. The red, white and blue is beautiful. I would so wear that on national holidays and show my pride in our countries colors!

  7. the 60 a nd 70 coming back wow and i do not have to do it i like this

  8. Erika Messer says:

    These are awesome! I am a cheerleader for our local Derby Girl team – and these shirts would be SO cool to get in our team colors with our Derby names on them! I am going to look into these, thank you :)

  9. I luv tie dye anything…this would be great for 4th of July!

  10. michelle elizondo says:

    Very fun outfit and fun to make! Like that its one of a kind just like each of us! My kids would love to see this done. They haven’t heard of the dye or know about it. Plus I’m scared to wash it in the cycle with all the colors speeding everywhere. And staining my other laundry.

  11. I love tie dye clothing as it’s so unique! Adding personalization rocks as my teen’s name is popular but the spelling is less common. My name is what very few women are named so I love that I can order this!

  12. Love tie dye and this American theme. I also watched the owner on You Tube and he seems like a nice guy who loves what he does.

  13. The personalization is wonderful, my Daughter’s name is Daisy and thats not very easy to find. I really like the look of the tank, great color and it looks so comfortable, I’m impressed.

  14. This tank top looks very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  15. I liked doing this when I was younger but would love to do it again.

  16. I really enjoyed reading your review on the Personalized Tie Dye Tank Top! I Love Tie Dyed Clothing because it’s different and always unique! My name, even though quite common, is always spelled with 2 L’s (Michelle). I don’t spell it that way, my name is spelled with 1 L (Michele). So usually if I get something already made up, I have to buy it spelled differently than I spell it! I love how you and your children have “different” names which aren’t readily available It gives them each a uniqueness of their own!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! Michele :)
    Michele Ash recently posted…Exfoliate Naturally with ExfolimateMy Profile

  17. Dorothy Boucher

    I love these , I remember one time doing my own, loved it .. something I probably should get back into,, thought by now no one would be wearing these any more but yet ever summer I am seeing more and more people with shirts, skirts, dresses, hats and so on.. love it :) thanks for share

  18. Those look so neat!

  19. So cute. I remember these from alot of years ago also. They were in style then.

  20. Tie Dye used to be a big things in years gone by. It looks like it is coming back again. Thank you so much for sharing

  21. Love the way the tank top turned out. I think it is cute.

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