Thank-you ToDoist!

I am a fan of “To Do” lists. Anything that shows me what I have ahead of me for the day and helps me get things done ranks really high on my list of things I like. Between starting this blog and running a tight ship over the busy Christmas Season on my sister site Pea of Sweetness, I think I would lose my mind if I didn’t have a “To Do” list.

It can’t just be ANY “To Do” list, though. I love apps, and my iPhone is my best friend. I accomplish so much with it because I don’t have to run to the computer all the time to do a few little things here and there to keep up with my blogs and social media accounts during the day. Having a “To Do” list on my phone is a MUST – having a task manager that I can access from my computer as well is equally as important!

I have been using the basic ToDoist plan for well over a year now, and I don’t know what I would do without it! I am able to not only keep track of my daily tasks, but I can also separate those tasks by “Projects.” I personally use the “Projects” to define the tasks such as: Blog, Personal, Housework, Homeschool, etc. They are color coded, so when I look at my daily list, I also have an idea of what “Projects” the tasks are in. I tried many different apps before I found ToDoist, but when I found it, I knew it was “the one.”

ToDoist is so flexible because it is account based. You can access it online, and you can even install it on your MAC or PC, too! There are internet browser extensions available as well and a Gmail plug-in! If you’re not quite sure what to do with all these plug-ins, extensions, etc. no problem! There are plenty of tutorial videos available to help! It truly has such an amazing amount of features and available options! This was just the free version! The Premium version has so much more! I didn’t even know what I was missing! Until now…


A couple of months ago ToDoist celebrated a HUGE milestone – 1 million users! To celebrate this milestone they hosted a 1,000,000 user contest. To enter, we had to spread the word by sharing on Twitter or Facebook, and guess what? I won! How awesome is that? I was ecstatic! I got a lifetime upgrade to ToDoist Premium service and a new iPhone 5S!

So now, I DO know what I have been missing! With the Premium service it goes beyond just having my “to do” list in front of me – I can actually schedule reminders and even receive a text reminder when a task is due. Talk about a good way to make sure a task gets done! I admit, sometimes just having a task on my list isn’t enough, but putting a time on it, and now adding a reminder, guarantees I won’t overlook it! Plus with Premium I get unlimited auto synchronization across all platforms so I know I’ll never be looking at a list that isn’t up to date!

ToDoist Premium also offers the option of exporting your tasks via iCalendar! It’s just another feature that makes it easier to see what you need to accomplish throughout the day! Plus with Premium you can attach files like PDF’s, spreadsheets, and photos. Talk about a handy feature! Did I mention I didn’t know what I was missing until now? It really is worth the upgrade, and I wish I had gotten it sooner!

Of course, I am already in love with my new iPhone 5S! It is also helping me to get more done. It actually takes pictures more quickly and clearly, which is fantastic for the pictures I need for my reviews and social media posts! I love it! I love that it is thinner and has a bigger screen than my 4S did.

I just feel like I’m “ready to go,” now! ToDoist Premium and a new iPhone 5S? As a busy homeschooling mom and blogger, making the most of my time is important, and having the right tools to do that is key! Thank-you ToDoist!

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Disclosure: I received the above as a prize in the contest mentioned. I was not compensated in any way for this post nor required to share about my prize, but I did so by choice because I feel it is a valuable resource. It is 100% my opinion and not influenced by the contest.


  1. CouponDivaAndi

    if i ever get an IPhone 5S….. 😀

  2. I love to-do lists! I’m so excited for you that you won the iPhone5 :) Enjoy it!

  3. Jessica Ann Jones

    I am sad to say I had a huge comment on this last night (on my iPad), lost wifi connection and it deleted everything I wrote. Just my luck, lol. But i wanted to say congratulations (again) on winning! That shows that your hard work REALLY does pay off! I really need to check this out – I think it would benefit me in so many ways.

    Also, I spent a good 2 hours looking around your site and reading almost everything last night lol. I could get lost on the site and be completely happy with that! I love reading your posts.

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